What Did She Say?

An exhibition curated by Michele Mahon Jahelka.
Work by Raeleen Kao, Amy Ventura, Teresa James, Lauren Levato Coyne, Mary Lou Novak, and Kristina Smith.
Opens at Sidetracked Studio on Sat., March 7, 2015 from 6 – 9 p.m.
The exhibit continues through May 10, 2015.


Curator’s Statement:
“When given the chance to curate my first show, I looked no farther than my own heart and home. ! I have had the unique opportunity, through my position on the board of Firecat Projects, to meet and get to know some intensely interesting and creative artists. I realized that, though not intentional, the majority of art in my collection is by women. I like what they have to say.
The artists in What Did She Say? work with varied processes and media, from very technical printmaking methods to traditional oil painting. What I find to be their commonality is they each have a distinct perspective and communicate it beautifully.They will stop you in your tracks and make you ask yourself “what did she say?”.
It will be something different for you than it is for me. But no matter. Stop and listen.”
– Michele Mahon Jahelka, Jan. 2015

Click on images below to enlarge:


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