Continental Divide


contact: Rory Coyne
gallery: 847/644-5876,

BlackConfederate copy

William Blake, “Black Confederate”

EVANSTON, IL – Sidetracked Studio is proud to present “Continental Divide”, an exhibition curated by Michele Mahon Jahelka featuring the paintings of William Blake and William Scarlato.

Curator’s Statement: “I stumbled upon the beautiful works of William Blake and William Scarlatto at a group show of local artists in Hinsdale. They were completely separate from each other, but after seeing the whole show I kept feeling that their work should be shown together. Their works evoked “Americana” to me. Will Blake’s haunting Civil War reenactment portraits, and Bill Scarlatto’s lush landscapes of ordinary, familiar places seem to blend together to bring the story of America to life. Where we came from. Where we are today. How much has changed. How little has changed.
Although neither of these artists are coming from a political viewpoint, I can’t help but see these works and hear a political commentary. We have come so far as to have elected our first black president, yet this election cycle has proven that as a country we are still fighting a great Continental Divide.” -Michele Mahon Jahelka

OPENING RECEPTION Sat., April 23, 6 – 9 p.m.
 exhibition continues through May 28, 2016 Beverages provided by New Holland Brewing Co.

1836820_1487169881535132_8372413542060528394_oAbout Sidetracked Studio 

Sidetracked Studio is the storefront studio of artists LaurenLevato Coyne and Rory Coyne founded  with collector and advisor Michele Mahon Jahelka. Throughout the year Sidetracked Studio also presents gallery exhibitions of visiting artists, workshops, and lectures. For information visit or find us on social media.

Sidetracked Studio is located near purple line Main Street station and the galle532187_10151254156601661_1910377877_nry is wheelchair accessible.
Beverages provided New Holland Brewery.


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