Off the Tracks with Michele.

11745941_10207390696474226_3413552932730469183_nWelcome to my first attempt at a blog! I love exploring new places and meeting new people through art and I will be sharing my adventures with you here. First, let me tell you a little about myself. I am an art lover and collector. Over 25 years ago my brother Jim Mahon introduced me to Tony Fitzpatrick. I fell in love with his art and his stories. My obsession began!! Over the years Tony introduced me to young artists he worked with, as well as more established artists that he admired. My collection began to grow. Tony started Firecat Projects with Stan Klein in 2010 and I have proudly been on the Board of Directors there for the past 3 years. Through Firecat I met Lauren and Rory Coyne, and we partnered about 18 months ago to open Sidetracked Studio. Our little gallery has taken off and my circle of art friends continues to grow.
Art is my passion. My inspiration. It brings me joy. It makes me think. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes it just plain perplexes me. Art makes my life more interesting. I hope that by sharing some of my art adventures and discoveries with you here that I can open your eyes and your mind to new ways of seeing art in your own life.




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