Off the Tracks with Michele:”The Secret Birds” at De Paul Art Museum


IMG_4607Tony Fitzpatrick has a show up right now at the De Paul Art Museum entitled “The Secret Birds”. GO SEE IT!!! Take your kids, it’s better than the zoo. It is a visual aviary filled with some of the most beautiful birds you’ll ever see. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Tony was really my guide into the art world, and I have long admired his work. One thing I have learned about Tony is that he loves birds. LOVES them. I follow him on social media, and as he creates new pieces they show up in his feed. One at a time these colorful beauties have popped up on my screen over the years. As I walked into the huge main room at the De Paul Art Museum and saw all of these pieces in one place it was jaw dropping. All the birds had come home to roost! I spoke with Tony on the opening night and he told me it was the only time he had seen all the pieces in one place at one time. It is a huge body of work – in fact it fills a book! Grab a book, and read Tony’s musings on his work. As you read about his thoughts and inspirations, you’ll love these birds even more.



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