Off the Tracks with Michele: Home Tourist


cloud gate

I had some out of town visitors this weekend who had never been to Chicago before. We were on a mission to see as much of the city as possible, so we did one of those double decker bus tours. It was fabulous! We had so much fun, and I learned some new things about the city I’ve lived in my whole life. The interesting thing to me was seeing the great art scattered throughout the city that sometimes I take for granted. It was fun seeing it through the eyes of my guests. If you are looking for something to do with your kids or guests this summer, do the bus tour! Totally worth it! Be a tourist in your own city!!

One unexpected surprise for me was that the Gold Coast Art Fair was going on. I had never been before!! We decided to check it out after we snapped our pictures at “The Bean”(Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor). I was shocked at how many vendors there were!! Truly something for everyone, with varying price points and types of art. The best part of the Art Fair was bumping into one of my favorite Chicago based artists, Darren Jones. ( Darren’s work is absolutely beautiful. His colors and textures are hard to capture in pictures, but in person they just come to life! ( He won a Best Of award from the judges!) I am curating a show at Firecat Projects in January of 2017, and Darren is one of the artists who will be in that show. Check him out on instagram darrenjonesart. I didn’t purposely plan an art filled day, but it turned out to be one!



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